Psychic Readings


Anna Calhoun is a psychic/medium. 


A ‘Medium’ is a ‘sensitive’, meaning an individual who is sensitive to spirit energy & presence. Mediumship is a deeply ‘spiritual’ practice. Often misunderstood & viewed in a skeptic light (& for good reason in many instances), it’s important to be clear on what ‘Mediumship’ is and is not, so a person can decide if this spiritual practice is for them.


Anna is a person who can communicate between the physical world & the spirit world.  She can ‘tune in’ to a different ‘energy’ to which a person has passed to in spirit.  Often spirits wish to pass messages, encouragement & healing onto family members, friends or acquaintance.  Spirit energy is different to ours & they often seek out & use a ‘Psychic Medium’ to help communicate. They need an ‘open channel’.

Anna offers specialized sessions of mediumship. With mediumship, she has found that utilizing a picture or personal object of the loved one who passed is like having someone’s phone number versus looking through a phone book. That object lets her have a direct line to the person and makes contacting them stronger and more clear than without.


My abilities have allowed me to offer advice, guidance, direction, messages from beyond, and general insight to help guide my clients through their life, manage crisis situations, or just a heads up to what is coming.

 My other services include:
Tarot Readings
Intuitive Counseling

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